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the soaring crime rate. from a former a l-a police chief. what he told kron four tonight. and think twice before drinking and driving. bay area this holiday weekend. the news is next.
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(male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >> catherine: tonight at 11 for those of you heading out on this last friday of 2012 - prepare for rain this is a view of san francisco, and the golden gate bridge. the weather center. a lot of people want to know? >> jacqueline: a pretty decent do or did some heavier
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showers in and around the san francisco. through san francisco, some heavy rainfall to the northern portions and as record towards marin county. and to the coast. da daly city, and also towards san francisco more. that will be pressing towards the peninsula. as reticulated the satellite and radar it is we will get clipped with all of this rainfall as it presses itself. where we could see drier conditions coming up this weekend. >> catherine: in other news.two people are dead. one of them a child - after police say they were swept off some rocks near the marin headlands. this is video from sky 7 h- d. three adults had been fishing under the golden
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gate bridge. one of them managed to swim to shore to get help. the coast guard and the tiburon fire department found the child and the second adult under the bridge and couldn't resuscitate them. the third adult was treated and released. >> > police are cracking down on people drinking and getting behind the wheel this holiday weekend. this is a look at a d-u-i checkpoint in san rafael. it's one of several that's been set up tonight in the bay area. other spots include redwood city, pacifica, san francisco, mountain view and the san jose area. and if you're planning to go out to celebrate new years consider public transit. a warning for repeat d-
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u-i offenders. a new state bill would require them to install breath-alyzers in positive for any level of alcohol - the car won't start. drivers are giving the idea mixed reviews. pair of people have should of cottodumbarton --. if they should've gotten a second dui. they should probably be doing something different. >> i think that it is a good idea if you have to have that device. for safety purposes, there are too many things happening these days. terminate children getting killed i think that it is just bad. if you're going to drive, get a designated driver. convicted drivers now have the *option of installing a breath-alyzer in their cars. the new law would make that mandatory for drivers with just a day after oakland's top officials unveiled a new plan to fight crime. three people were
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killed overnight. two young men were gunned down about one this morning on mead avenue. about an hour and a half later. a woman was found stabbed to death on walnut street. kron 4's j.r. stone has more on what one of the department's new "top cop" consultants is saying about the crime rate. return to index of stories... ---------------------------- ---------------------------- ------------------------ (jrs) oakland murders-take cgpkg return to index of stories... ---------------------------- ---------------------------- ------------------------ (jrs) oakland murders-on cam >> reporter: bratton will be a consultant starting in february. for the oakland police department. >> they will have to completely revamp their crime strategy program. >> reporter: after this announced three people were killed and hoagla oakland.
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bringing the homicide rate to alarming level. limited is unfortunate that the confidence level of the public does not have the best interest for the oakland police department. >> reporter: he was the chief of police for the los angeles corridor area. >> one of our challenges was irreversible police force with a very large city. that was j-r stone reporting. bratton also talked about instilling more community ------------------------
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>> catherine: a woman who was gang raped on a city bus in india has died.
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the vicious crime has been protests have swept through india since her attack two weeks ago. and now indian officials have closed off access to the country's main government building in kron-4's jeff bush was at a vigil held today at the >> reporter: about three dozen protestors gathered at the consolate on arguello street just before sundown. many of them are indian expatriates and say something needs to be done to address women's rights in >> (protest organizer) preeti shekar: this incident is one of many that have been going on and we are here to say that violence against women is not ok and we need to do something >> manoj hergarwl, protestor: i'm a citizen of india and i thought i should be herejust, as a guy, i feel so sad and it is shameful what has happened people without ties to india>> marcia poole, protestor: india has tolorated the rape of women for so long now that the police actually, >> reporter: the group presented a petition to the consulate saying more needs to be done to stop violence against a representative accepted the petition and gave a the incident. he said a established to investigate >> n.p. singhand: we are confident that the incident will prove to be a turning point. efforts are being made to bring the guilty to justice in a speedy way. despite the words coming san franciscomany are worried that nothing will change in india.
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>> reporter: i'm jeff bush in san >> catherine: still ahead. new charges tonight in a brutal home invasion crime in san francisco when a couple was bound. gagged. also - police are looking for a woman who pushed a man to his death in the subway. the second such incident in a month. also four days and counting until we hit the fiscal cliff. the latest on today's talks on capitol hill.
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>> catherine: in bay area news. there are new charges tonight in a brutal home invasion crime in san francisco december 9th. a man was killed - and a woman beaten. prosecutors say 6 people - including catherine uong - also known as "killer" - forced themselves into the victims home. shooting the man and leaving the woman for dead. the defendants are set to appear in court in january. new york city police are looking for the woman they say shoved a man in front of an oncoming subway train last night. the man was killed. police in new york released this sketch of the woman. she was also seen on security video - running from the station. witnesses say she had been pacing the platform and talking to herself. the man who was killed has been identified as 46-year- old graphic designer sunando sen ...of queens
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>> catherine: time is winding down. and still no deal to keep the country from falling off the fiscal cliff.. with the deadline just 4- days away. the president and congressional leaders met at the white house for more talks. stacey cohan has the latest. >> reporter: president obama
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says that he and the nation are out of patience. he is urging congressional leaders to make an agreement. >> if an agreement is not made soon between which mcconnell and house speaker, john boehner i will perch read to bring in agreement that will protect the middle-class. >> reporter: with a high- stakes meeting they seem poised to work towards a solution. >> we are going to work hard to see if we can get there in the next 24 hours. i am hopeful. >> i am going to do everything i can in my power. what ever we come up with is not going to be perfect. some people are not going to like it. >> reporter: senate majority leader reed says that there were hoping not to have to meet on saturday and house speaker, john boehner will
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not bring anything until it is passed by the senate. however, if nothing is done unemployment benefits will expire payroll deduction will not be continued. >> if there are disagreements they will sort through them. the notion that our elected leadership cannot do the same thing is mind-boggling. it needs to stop. >> catherine: banks racked up a record 10-point-seven- billion dollars in fines in 20-12. that includes what the banks paid to u-s and state authorities-- but it doesn't include the billions more paid to european regulators. most of the fines were related to improper mortgage practices. more than 800 new laws are set to take effect at the start of the new year
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in california. kron four's philippe djegal took at look -- and has some highlights. >> reporter: tougher guidelines for red-light cameras. it will be required that signs warning drivers that cameras are watching must be posted within 200 feet of the light. at the same time, the author of the bill says evidence used from the cameras will not be considered hearsay. murderers given a second chance. prisoners who commited murder as a child could now have a chance of returning to the streets. instead of life without parole. some offenders can fight for a new term of 25 years to life. and, drivers licenses for illegals. some 400-thousand undocumented immigrants will be able to apply for athis applies to those in a federal program supporting immigrants who came to states as a child and have not broken the law. another bill out of the assembly. gives women greater access to birth control. a-b 23-48 will now allow certified nurses, midwives, nurse practicioners and physician's assistants to prescribe that medication. the homeowner bill of rights will also go into affect at the start of the year. it's meant to give homeowners more rights to battle forecloser. this set of bills will restrict dual-track foreclosures. when lenders act like
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they're working with a borrower to modify a loan, while still moving forward with foreclosure. assemblywoman joan buchanan's bill regarding metal purchases passed. the fine for dealers who knowingly buy metals used at public utlities facilities jumps up big time. now 250-dollars. in a few days. four times that amount. to one thousand dollars. another bill makes it illegal for landlords to require tenants to pay their rent online. >> reporter: philippe djegal, kron four news. >> catherine: and a reminder --- the bay area's favorite way to ring in the new year. is always with kron 4. >> jacqueline: over the bay bridge toll plaza we can see the camera lens is wet. most of that heavy rainfall is along the san mateo coast and down the peninsula and
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the east bay. let us check it out to. moderate rainfall along the embarcadero. as we move down the towards half moon bay and we will continue to see moderate rainfall. stretching towards cemetery at this hour and over the east bay. some lighter rainfall over oakland and heavier towards piedmont. stretching towards -- san mateo. >> jacqueline: we can see that it is pushing and a stretching towards the coast. it will continue to press through, overnight. this system is pressing cells with the dry conditions in the wake of this storm. instead of the patchy activity that we have been dealing with. 4 is really showing that the futurecast is really accurate. towards 1:00 a.m., south of the golden gate but rainfall to the
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north. it will continue with wrap around showers. antic will start to taper off by 6:00 a.m. and it will start to taper off with a decrease seeing clouds at colder temperatures on sunday morning. light rainfall with right now, it is getting cold because we are surrounded by cold air. profit our local snow levels of 3,000 ft. even possibly lower. we could see a light dusting in the east bay hills and of course the coastal ranges and even at the el diablo range. here is a look a your extended forecast. with a drier conditions tomorrow evening. also on the sunday there is a slight chance of rainfall. very slight all along the coast on monday but mainly
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the increasing on clouds monday, tuesday. a better chance on wednesday. >> we'll bring you the biggest parties and best fireworks. i'll be hosting 'new year's live' with gary radnich. it starts at 11-30 on new years eve. óó
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>> welcome back. the warriors looking like they are really for real. take a look at it tonight were going for their 16th straight win tonight. the third quarter, this is what was tonight throwing it right down, 90-104 yawning. the 76ers' made a game of it but the warriors were counting it like klay thompson with 25 points, 12 rebounds. warriors, take the victory. the l.a. clippers were going for the best record with a 15-16-winning streak. however, against the jazz and burton recalls
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for griffin. and watch crest making some space. the clippers when. and the 16 winning winning streak. the kings hosting the knicks. with a 29 point lead in this shot at the buzzer for james johnson. if this is first three-pointer of the season there. carmelo anthony did not play. king's = 106-105 it. catherine, let me show you this monkey on a dog in indianapolis. and it is no real story of the indianapolis pacers. but this monkey was on that this dog. and49ers defensive tackle justin smith will need surgery the only question is when. he has a partially torn
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triceps will need surgery - whether now or after the playoffs - and that he does indeed risk further injury by trying to play through the injury. smith officially listed as "doutbful" for sunday.but you can bet he's really "out" as the niners won't risk further injury before the playoffs anthony davis fined $10,000 49ers right tackle anthony davis was fined $10,000 for this late hit on seattle rookie cornerback jeremy lane it happened late in the game with the seahawks victory well in hand davis is 330 poundslane is 190 the best part is when davis puts his arms up at the end, like "who me?" so davis, $10 grand lighter in the wallet matt leinart or terrelle pryor? which quarterback would coach dennis allen choose to diego? >> i have decided to go with pryor >> mostpryor makes first start and a collective, "better
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late than never" from raider fans quite frankly pryor seemed like the obvious choice over journeyman backup matt leinart raider fans have been hoping to get a look at pryor the past two years but for whatever reason he hasn't gotten any playing timehe'll finally get his chance sunday in san diego >> i will be nervous. schist to confirm that at the first practice. i am going to be nervous however, i am going to be ready. -- just to confirm. for the first practice still tickets available to see navy-arizona state in the kraft fight hunger bowl tomorrow at at&t park.1'oclock kickoff three more bowl games with versus texas tech in the meineke car care bowl in houston take a look..35 yrd touchdown and ryan busted
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34-31 texas ... look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is!
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